How long until your desktop is obsolete?

The concept of Ambient Computing is not new (see article by Deloitte from 2015) and goes by many names, often in reference to each other. It is best thought of as an umbrella term for several interwoven technologies. At a high level, it refers to a cluster of technologies that allow individuals to use a computer without touching it, or occasionally even realizing they are utilizing it.

The ultimate goal in Ambient Computing is to assimilate smaller and smaller computational devices into our surroundings, to the point we don’t even realize we’re using them. It is a complete elimination of friction in the user experience between a human and a computer. Click here to read more.

For example, at its most basic level today, an ambient smart thermostat knows your body temperature and room preferences, and automatically adjusts the temperature of a room when you walk into it. At a more robust level, ambient computational devices incorporate capabilities from a variety of technologies including motion tracking, speech recognition, gestures, wearables and artificial intelligence, to create a seamless experience in which a computer is making decisions for you based on known preferences and influencing the environment around you to your liking.

No, this is not science fiction, Samsung is already working on such a system they call ‘Project Ambience’ which is rumored to provide a comprehensive smart home operating system to integrate all your smart home devices into one centralized platform.

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